My name is Jonathan Bifield and I work as an English as an Additional Language (EAL) Coordinator in a large secondary school in England. I have been working in the field of EAL and ELT for over 18 years and have worked in Thailand and currently in England.

This is my personal website that attempts to keep EAL in the Daylight.  The benefits of speaking more than one language are numerous and EAL students bring such a wide array of skills, cultures and languages to our classrooms and schools that they should always be in the daylight.  They are as important a group of learners as any other and should be celebrated throughout our schools.

You will find blog posts, book reviews, a range of classroom strategies, resources, and much much more as I keep you updated and keep our EAL learners in the Daylight.

I am also on Twitter @BifieldJonathan

I hope you enjoy!


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