Websites that Support EAL Students

In no particular order (sorry!) are a list of great websites and a short description of the site to support your work with EAL learners.

Mesh Guides Lots of useful information on EAL.

EAL Nexus Teaching Resources Crammed full of resources to use in the mainstream.

Bell Foundation Research Page You can read a wide range of research reports here that will keep you up to date with research related to EAL.

Bell Foundation Blogs Here you can keep up to date with news updates from Bell programs and partners.

NALDIC The National Association for Language Development In the Curriculum is a great place to read about best practice in EAL.

Aberdeen City EAL Service Resources, links, information and much much more are available here.

Education Week A website from USA that has lots of great articles on EAL learners

British Council Learn English Although more EFL than EAL there are still some great resources on here that could be used

Cloze Text Do you need to create a cloze text? You could use this website to help you!

Collaborative Learning Have a wide range of activities that can be used in the mainstream to support EAL learners

Value Diversity Kamil’s website is absolutely amazing and has loads of stuff to look at

EMTAS This page has a wide range of teaching resources

Francois Grosjean Francois’ website has some great articles on bilingualism

Newbury Park School This school has an inspirational page which contains their students teaching ‘The Language of the Month’

Wokingham Borough Council Jammed pack full of resources

Jane Echevarria  Co writer of the SIOP course for teachers of EAL students.  There are some interesting articles here

EAL Hub Lots of useful resources on this website

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