TWINKL Podcast about EAL

I was interviewed by TWINKL about my experiences with EAL. It was good to discuss EAL, share ideas on how teachers can support EAL learners and discuss my journey into teaching.

Helen Bodell from TWINKL asked me the following questions:

What was your journey into teaching?

What resources do you think are useful in the classroom for EAL learners to be able to work independently?

As an EAL coordinator what difficulties have you faced and how have you overcome those difficulties?

You have a website and blog ‘EAL in the daylight’ how did that come about? Can you tell us about this project you’re working on?

What would you say were the most important strategies for teaching EAL learners for teachers listening today that have EAL learners in their classroom for the first time?

What is the process in your school for EAL learners that start midway through a term? What processes and strategies do you recommend to have in place

You can find it here:

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