A Lesson Using the 2nd Conditional in Discussion

This is a lesson that I delivered that was aimed at my EAL learners developing their understanding of how to use the 2nd conditional in discussion.  All of the resources for the lesson are at the bottom of this page.  You will also need to have Eric Clapton’s song Tears in Heaven because the learners listen to the song and note down the questions that are used in the song.

Here is the lesson plan:

Introduction / Modelling

  1. Introduce the lesson aims.
  2. Links to previous learning – partners discuss which words go in the gaps.
  3. Links to previous learning  – with a talk partner – students complete the gap fill of why we use the 2nd conditional in discussion.
  4. To clarify the function of the second conditional – pairs discuss the three questions that highlight the function of the second conditional and feedback to the whole class.

Main Part of the Lesson:

  1. Refer to the language objective of the lesson – Students watch the video ‘Tears in heaven’ and make a note (in their exercise books) of any questions that use the second conditional.
  2. Feedback on the student answers with the whole class.
  3. Students underline the words that help form questions in the second conditional (Would + infinitive, + if + past simple).
  4. Further practice of forming the second conditional –  GAP Fill – Individually students copy the question into their exercise books and choose the correct word.
  5. Practice constructing 2nd conditional questions – From the two discussion points – pairs construct the correct question using the second conditional.
  6. Focus on content objective – Link to previous lesson about developing discussion – Pairs think of 3 – 5 questions to develop the second conditional discussion point further.
  7. Put students in groups and each student takes turns practicing leading a discussion by using their 2nd conditional questions and further questions to develop the discussion..
  8. Feedback to the whole class.


Individually, students reflect on their contribution to the discussion by complete the sentences – WWW + EBI

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