Approaching Character Analysis

This is an approach to writing character analysis that I have used and found particularly effective for EAL learners.  I found it worked with my New to English students (DfE Code A) and above. I have outlined the approach in bullet points and these correspond to the slides which you can download at the bottom of this page.

The approach is set out in the following way:

  1. Odd word out – this activity builds understanding of the adjectives needed  to complete character analysis.  An example of the activity is included but you should adapt it to the character being analysed.
  2. Learners discuss in pairs which statement is correct of the word analysis and then write it down.
  3. To show the difference between analysis and description, learners read the two texts and decide which one is analysis and which is description.
  4. A progressive brainstorm strategy is used next which builds understanding of how the writer presents the character by looking at key quotations and adding adjectives (from activity 1) and any additional thoughts they might have.  
  5. Once the learners have their original brainstorm back they then complete a graphic organiser.
  6. Using the differentiated writing frame learners use their graphic organiser and progressive brainstorm to write a character analysis
  7. Self and peer marking can be included next.

The slides are here:

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