EAL Classroom Strategies


Tried and tested classroom strategies that you can use to help meet the needs of EAL learners in your classroom.  Strategies that develop all four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing for all proficiencies and all age ranges.

You can either click on the links below or navigate through the drop down menu at the top.

It would be great to hear from you as to which ones you have used and how you have used them in your classroom.

  1. Alphabet Race
  2. Answers Only
  3. Backs to the Board
  4. Barrier Crosswords
  5. Carousel Brainstorming
  6. Chunking
  7. Concentric Circle
  8. Concept Checking Questions
  9. Concept Definition Maps
  10. Conga Line
  11. Copy Correctly
  12. Dash and Draw
  13. Describe and Draw
  14. Dictogloss
  15. Evidence
  16. Find the Difference
  17. Find Someone Who
  18. Focused Listening
  19. Frayer Model / Four Square Strategy
  20. Gap Fills
  21. Give One. Get One
  22. Glossaries
  23. Graphic Organisers
  24. Highlighting / Underlining Texts
  25. How many words can you think of…?
  26. I have…Who Has…?
  27. I-SEE Word Analysis Frame
  28. Jigsaw Reading
  29. Knowledge Rating Scale
  30. KWL Charts
  31. Language Features Displayed
  32. Margin Questions
  33. Memory
  34. Mixed Up Sentences
  35. Monster Cloze
  36. No Hands
  37. Odd One Out
  38. Oral / Aural Cloze
  39. Picture Walk
  40. Progressive Brainstorm
  41. Question or Sentence Matching
  42. Quiz Quiz Trade
  43. Rapid Write
  44. Readability Calculators
  45. Read It. Say it.
  46. Realia
  47. Running Dictation
  48. Semantic Webs / Maps
  49. Showdown
  50. Split Dictation
  51. Split Headlines
  52. SQP2RS
  53. Snowball
  54. Substitution Tables
  55. Talk Partners for EAL
  56. Team Pictionary
  57. Think Alouds
  58. Think, Pair, Share
  59. Think, Pair, Square, Share
  60. Think, Write, Pair, Share
  61. Top 10
  62. True / False Statements
  63. Turn and Talk
  64. Two truths and One Lie
  65. Vanishing Cloze
  66. Vocabulary Noughts and Crosses
  67. Walk Around Survey
  68. Wallpapering
  69. Wait Time
  70. Which One?
  71. Word Experts
  72. Word Tennis
  73. Write Alouds
  74. 1-3-6

1 thought on “EAL Classroom Strategies

  1. And we have free teacher made resources that develop many of these strategies in curriculum context K through 13.

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