Dictogloss is an activity that uses all four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.  It can be used to review content or to investigate the language features of a model text that you are expecting students to write.  It is a great activity for drawing out the language features of a particular genre that you may have been working on in class.


  1. The teacher reads a short paragraph on a familiar topic at normal speed, writing any new subject vocabulary on the board to helper students that are newer to English and the students just listen.
  2. Read again and this time student make notes.
  3. Students pair up and compare and share their notes.
  4. The teacher reads the text a final time at normal speed allowing the students to make notes.
  5. The student pairs join with another pair and reconstruct the text from their notes with the aim of getting as close to the original as possible.
  6. Compare to the original to find similarities and differences, and to discuss the features of the text.

I’ve also written a blog post of how I have used the dictogloss strategy. You can read it here https://ealdaylight.com/2019/01/27/using-the-dictogloss-strategy-for-eal-learners/

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