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There are loads of websites that support EAL learners. Below is a list of sites that support EAL learners.

Aberdeen City EAL Service – Resources, links, information and much much more are available here.

Bell Foundation Blogs Here you can keep up to date with news updates from Bell programs and partners.

Bell Foundation Research Page – You can read a wide range of research reports here that will keep you up to date with research related to EAL.

The Bell Foundation Teaching Resources – Crammed full of resources to use in the mainstream.

Better Bilingual – Support bilingual learners.

British Council Learn English Although more EFL than EAL there are still some great resources on here that could be used

British Council Learn Teens – Site aimed at improving all four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing

Cloze Text – Do you need to create a cloze text? You could use this website to help you!

Collaborative Learning Have a wide range of activities that can be used in the mainstream to support EAL learners

CUNY NYSIEB – If you’re looking for stuff related to translanguaging then look no further that this great site!

EAL Bilingual Group – A forum from NALDIC where you can post questions and ask for support. To join you need to email eal-bilingual_admin@naldic.org.uk

EAL Journal – The official blog of NALDIC, you will find loads of articles related to EAL.

EAL Hub – Lots of useful resources on this website

Education Oasis – There are some great graphic organisers available here

Education Week – A website from USA that has lots of great articles on EAL learners

EMTAS – This page has a wide range of teaching resources

Empowering ELLs – Tan Huynh’s site has some great articles on teaching EAL learners.

Enchanted Learning – This site has a wide range of graphic organisers and more.

Flash Academy – You can download free resources for EAL here.

Francois Grosjean – Francois’ website has some great articles on bilingualism

Frankfurt International School – Website from the school with advice and activities for EAL learners

Games to learn English – A generic ELT website with some fun games to learn general English

Global Storybooks – A selection of story books in a wide range of languages – a fantastic resource

Jane Echevarria – Co writer of the SIOP course for teachers of EAL students.  There are some interesting articles here

Learning Village – From Across Cultures, Learning Village offers blended learning for EAL, free teaching resources and lots more!

Mesh Guides  – Lots of useful information on EAL.

NALDIC – The National Association for Language Development In the Curriculum is a great place to read about best practice in EAL.

Text to Speak – Free text to speech reader. This is a great tool for EAL learners. Copy and paste any content into the box and it is instantly read out!

Wokingham Borough Council – Jammed pack full of resources

Wordwall – Lots of worksheets and resources. Some are aimed at EAL learners

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