Frayer Model / Four Square Strategy

Frayer Model / Four Square Strategy Template

The frayer model / 4 square strategy is a great classroom strategy to support your EAL learners in developing a deeper understanding of new vocabulary that you introduce to them.

Here is how you should complete one:

  1. The word goes in the middle
  2. Learners work together or on their own to write a defintion or use the word in a sentence. This definition should be related to the content in which the word is being learnt. E.g. if it is a Maths word then it should be Maths related.
  3. An illustration – a great way to internalise new words is to draw a picture of it.
  4. Examples of the word.
  5. Non-examples of the word

To complete 1 template will take at least 20 minutes but the results you get will be extremely worthwhile as your learners deepen their understanding of new words that they are taught.

You can download a template of the frayer model by clicking on the link below:

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