Graphic Organisers

Graphic organisers are a great visual way to help EAL learners organise their thinking, show how a text is organised or develop their thinking.

Graphic organisers come in many shapes and forms.  For example Venn Diagrams which can be used to look at similarities and differences as pictured below.

Venn Diagrams


You can use them with your EAL learners to help internalise new vocabulary such as with the four corner of frayer model pictured below

Frayer Model

Whatever shape or form you choose for a graphic organiser it is good practice to include them in your teaching for EAL learners.

I have written a blog post on them and you can read that by clicking on this link Using Graphic Organisers with EAL Learners to Support Writing

The blog also has links to fantastic resources that can give you a lot more information on using graphic organisers.

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