I Have…Who Has…?

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I Have…Who Has…? Is a great speaking and listening strategy for the whole class, use it to review some learning that has taken place.

I’ve found it particularly useful for Maths sums but I believe it could be adapted for any content.

You need to prepare a series of cards for each learner with a question and answer on it. The answer will be different to the question on the card because they have to search for the answer to their question.

E.g. One card might have: I have 10. Who has 5 +2?  This learner has to search for the learner with the card that has the answer 7 on it.

Give one card to each learner.

You can either have learners form a circle or walk around the class.  But they have to search for the answer to the question on their card.

Learners swap cards when they find the question and answer that match.

They then try to find a new question and answer match.

An example from maths is available here

Or you can create your own card sets by editing this website’s Excel spreadsheet Here


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