Knowledge Rating Scale


I use knowledge rating scales (seen in the image above) as an assessment for learning strategy to check what understanding my EAL learners have about particular words, phrases or concepts.

At the start of a unit of work introduce the knowledge rating scale and learners complete a self assessment of their knowledge of particular words, phrases or concepts by marking the column that shows their understanding.

After they have completed the knowledge rating scale I am then able to plan activities that scaffold them to learn words, phrases or concepts that they might have ticked in the ‘I don’t know this word’ or ‘I have seen this word but I don’t know what it means’ column.

Knowledge rating scales also help me to think carefully about what words my learners need to know for a unit of work. From this information I am able to plan carefully activities that support their learning.

You can also plan post unit tests based around the knowledge rating scale or ask your learners to show their understanding of the vocabulary by updating the one they completed at the beginning of a unit. Updating an existing scale shows learners what they have learnt throughout a unit of work.

You can download a template of a knowledge rating scale by clicking on the link below.

Knowledge Rating Scale

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