Monster Cloze

A monster cloze consists only of a title.  The body of the text had been totally deleted; it is made up only of gaps, each gap representing one word of the text.  (The punctuation is also provided.)  The text on which the cloze is based must be on a topic that is familiar to the students, so this strategy is best used towards the end of a unit of work. 

The text used could be a paragraph taken from a textbook or a paragraph you have written summarising concepts or content of a recent topic of study. 

The text should use appropriate academic language(e.g. it should be an appropriate model of academic language), so that once it is completed it provides a good model of academic writing.

How to do a monster cloze:

  1. Display the cloze (title,the gaps, and the punctuation) on the screen / board.
  2. As a whole class, groups or pairs, students guess the missing words.
  3. You fill the words in that are guessed in the correct gap. (Have a copy of the text in front of you with each word numbered)
  4. As the students guess the words and the sentences become more complete the students should be able to predict missing words by using their knowledge of the content, the language associated with the topic and the sentence structure.

A monster cloze is a fun activity that students really enjoy and they tend to be really engaged in reconstructing a text. 

It is useful for revisiting what has been learned and modelling language.

It also gives students practice in prediction which is a key skill in reading effectively.

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