Odd One Out

This strategy is a good way to revise key vocabulary from a lesson / topic.

You could also get students to create their own ‘odd one out’ lists to use on their peers.

This simple activity practises vocabulary and to some extent speaking. Make a list of four or five words, all but one of which have something in common / be from a particular lesson / topic or unit of work. Ask the students to find the “odd-one-out”.

Don’t be surprised if they come up with some surprising answers. Just ask them to justify their choice. You may well find it logical.Take, for example:

  • nucleus, cell membrane, vacuole, force

The answer would be force (because it is not related to part of a cell or that it is to do with physics and not biology like the other words).

Ideally, the students should phrase their justification in a complete sentence such as:

  • I think the odd-one-out is force because the other words are part of a cell.

In this way, not only are you practicing key vocabulary but you are practicing the language of justification by using the words ‘think’ and ‘because.’

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