Picture Walk


Rather than post images on your whiteboard / interactive whiteboard why not try this strategy?

Picture walk works like this:

Stick a number of images related to your content area around the classroom and have your learners walk around the classroom studying the pictures.

I have used this strategy in a number of ways including:

  • During a unit on World War 1 poetry, I posted several images around the room and my learners had to match the image to a line in the poem.
  • When investigating descriptive writing, I have posted several images around the room that learners have to describe or that learners have to match certain vocabulary / phrases to.
  • When studying Science, I have posted several images around the room related to the topic we were investigating (Cells, forces, sound waves) and learners had to match the picture to a vocabulary item.

It is a good idea to include some form of matching activity for your learners to complete when doing a picture walk rather than just have them walk around the classroom.  These activities could be activities such as:

  • Matching vocabulary
  • Matching phrases
  • Matching sentences
  • Matching paragraphs

After a picture walk you can return to the pictures and learners could discuss them with each other in pairs or small groups and then with the whole class.

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