SQP2RS comes from the people at SIOP.  Their book entitled ‘Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners’ has a wide range of information and approaches to supporting EAL learners.

SQP2RS is not so much a strategy as an instructional framework for teaching content with expository (inform, explain, describe, define)texts.


  1. Survey: Students preview and scan the text to be read for about 1 minute to determine key concepts that will be learned.
  2. Question: In groups, students generate questions likely to be answered by reading the text; post students questions on a wall chart / whiteboard in the classroom and mark those questions that are frequently suggested by the groups.  This is a great opportunity to model for New to English students how questions are formed in English (you could underline key words in the question).
  3. Predict: As a whole class, students come up with three or four key concepts they think they will learn while reading; the predictions are based on the previously generated questions, especially the ones marked with asterisks.  With New to English students this should be modelled first.
  4. Read: While reading (with partners / small groups) students search for answers to their generated questions and confirm or dis confirm their predictions; use sticky notes or sticky stripes to mark answers to questions and indicate spots where predictions have been confirmed.
  5. Respond: Students answer questions (not necessarily in writing) with partners or group members and formulate new ones for the next section of text to be read (if the text is lengthy); then, lead a discussion of key concepts, clarifying any misunderstandings.
  6. Summarise: Orally or in writing, alone or with a partner or group, students summarise the text’s key concepts, using key vocabulary where appropriate.
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