Talk Partners for EAL

Talk partners are essential for EAL learners are essential. Careful planning of who sits with who must be considered. For example, sitting learners’ that are new to English (DfE Code A) with a more competent EAL learner or first language English speaker. The partner can model the type of academic language that needs to be developed in an EAL learner. If possible pairing beginners with learners that have the same first language (L1) and are more proficient in English is a great idea. L1 can play a vital role in developing knowledge of content and developing English language proficiency.

Ways that talk partners can be used:

  • rehearse answers posed by the teacher before answering back to the whole class
  • explaining content from the lesson
  • modelling the kind of language you are developing in your learners
  • peer correction of writing
  • clarifying new vocabulary and modelling how to use the words in a typical sentence
  • share cultural experiences especially relating to the EAL learners background or culture
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