Think, Pair, Square, Share

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Think, Pair, Share is always a great strategy to use in any classroom and is especially effective for EAL learners.  Think, Pair, Square, Share is a slight variation on Think, Pair, Share in that:

  1. Think – As usual give learners some think time to respond to something you have asked or want them to consider.  (Remember that Wait Time is crucial for EAL learners)
  2. Pair – Discuss with a partner what they have been thinking about.
  3. Square – Now get pairs to join with another pair and each pair shares what they have been discussing.
  4. Share – Each group of four shares one thing that they have been discussing and the teacher can check answers and give feedback.

I like this classroom strategy because it involves lots of discussion and learners get to hear lots of different ideas from a range of different sources.

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