Write Aloud

EAL learners need explicit instruction in how to write effectively. As teachers we can model the process that effective writers go to and Write Alouds are effective ways to do that.

Consider what it is that makes someone an effective writer!

Effective writers will:

  1. Plan “Before I write, I need to think carefully about my ideas and plan thoughtfully and carefully.”
  2. Draft “In my draft I am focusing on organising my ideas into a coherent piece of writing, I must remember to follow my plan”
  3. Edit “Now that I have finished my first draft, I need to edit my work. I need to check for mistakes or think of how I can improve my piece of writing. Is my writing clear? Do I need to add anything?”
  4. Revise “Now that I have edited my work, I need to revise it. Can I use any different words? Do I need to add anymore? Can I get someone to check my work for me?”
  5. Publish “Now that I have finished, I need to submit my work. Is it neat enough? How does the teacher expect my writing to be presented?”

All learners benefit from this writing process being explicitly taught to them. As a teacher you can model this process through write alouds.

Write alouds happen when you model the thought processes that effective writers go through.

Write alouds can happen with any piece of writing.

After completing a Write Aloud you can have learners work individually or in pairs to recreate a similar text practising the write aloud strategy.

The Write Aloud strategy has significant benefits for our EAL learners and every teacher no matter what subject can model what it is to be an effective writer.

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